1. List 3 of your favorite Web sites and tell me why they are your favorites. What is it about each site that make you want to visit it frequently?

One of the sites that I visits frequently is styles.com. I can keep up with the current fashion trends by watching videos and designer galleries. images are large with great quality and it’s very easy to navigate from page to page. Another site is http://abduzeedo.com/, I get inspiration from different designer and I use the tutorials, very easy and continent to navigate. The other site I use is Craigslist, very convenient to look for jobs,sell used items and find places to live! so many different categories all in one page!

2. What do you like best about Web Design? After reading the possible careers in web/interactive described in the class notes below, where do you think you best fit into the field?

I would like to be a front end developer. I like web design because it gives me the freedom to work freelance at some point!
3. Referring to the blog post “100 Must Read Design Blogs,” select a blog of your choice, read an interesting article and post a quick summary and your thoughts about it to your WordPress blog.
Roa is  one of the most notorious street artists nowadays. Illustrating buildings, walls and everything paintable with his animals in many cities around the globe. I was not a huge fan of spray paintings, I always found that this technique was mostly related to the hip hop culture, but Roa artworks shows how intense, curious and beautiful can be images done just with a spray can.However, it’s not his technique that surprise me the most, but the way he inserts his images on the places and how they get a totally new meaning. It seems that Roa don’t have an official website, but he has a Flickr where you can find more of his works

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One Response to week1

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi Mozhan,

    Thanks for the post. And for writing about Roa — Wow! What beautiful work. I was unaware of his art.

    I think you’d be a fantastic front-end developer. And, yes this is something that would allow you to easily work on a freelance basis.


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